TM4B Bulk SMS Gateway

Inbound Number Support

To receive SMS from mobile users in Spain, you can use our Spanish virtual local numbers.

You can lease a dedicated Spanish virtual number or, through keywords, use our shared virtual local number +34 (0) 911 067 076.

Please note that our Spanish virtual numbers are intended to receive SMS from mobile users in Spain. There is a high chance that they will not receive verification SMS or SMS sent from other countries.

Receiving Options

At a basic level, all of the SMS that you receive will be delivered to your SMS Inbox and can be forwarded to you by email. For more advanced handling, we can forward your SMS to your server through a webhook.


We've been routing through TM4B for more than six months and we are 100% satisfied.

The benchmark with other 3 competitors shows us that TM4B has the best rating price/quality of SMS service.

The TM4B service is fully reliable and scalable. . . We use the TM4B services for the french activity of our international company (sending SMS from France, via a UK platform, to french users, and it's cheaper than doing it with a french provider !).

Denis Lapalus CTO, QUOTATIS